Aren and Èlise

My name is Ettenig Sayam and I'm an author.

My debut novel Aren and Élise is about late love, among other things. The main characters are Élise Douchet a private school teacher from the Caribbean Islands of Saint Martin and Haiti and Montreal, Canada. The other main character is a retired solar engineer Aren Karajian. The setting is Massachusetts and Vermont. The year is 2011.

By mid-October 2022 I will have published my debut novel Aren and Élise. What an incredible journey – and roller coaster ride. Oh, allow me to introduce myself. Hello, my name is Ettenig Sayam

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What I liked most about Aren and Èlise was the author's originality in her writing. The Inclusion of a foreign language was educational for me, and it supplemented the writing style with unusual artistic beauty.

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